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Hurricane Impact Windows

The threat of hurricanes is a reality of Florida life. West Palm Beach, FL itself has been hit, or nearly hit, by a hurricane 10 times since 1928. When you live in West Palm Beach, FL during the six-month hurricane season, there are few things more valuable than peace of mind. Storm Smart of Southeast Florida is here to help you feel more safe and secure during hurricane season by providing sales and installation of EAS windows. Vinyl frame are backed by a lifetime warranty and the Good Housekeeping Seal. The Aluminum windows use heat-strengthened glass and incorporate heavy-duty aluminum alloy.

storm smart hurricane windows

Endless Options in Vinyl Storm Windows

Our vinyl storm window options provide you with nearly endless choices in both design and function. If you’re looking for a more traditional appearance that you can tailor to your home’s aesthetic, fixed or architectural windows may be for you. Our casements boast thermal barriers and multi-point locks and are available in a range of colors. Plus, these casements are 12% thicker than standard windows for maximum hurricane protection. Our vinyl windows aren’t prone to leaks like standard windows. Horizontal rollers are Florida State product-approved to stand up against strong winds. Choose from single-hung or double-hung to get the exact look you want.

Vinyl Windows

Fixed / Architectural Windows

Traditional appearance, design flexibility, and Florida State product approval. Multiple colors and glass types available. (1436, 1446, 2456, and 2466 series)

Horizontal Rollers

Made in the USA, capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds, defends against leaks, and available in three colors. High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) and Florida State product approved.


Featuring thermal barriers, multi-point locks, EAS casements are a full 12% thicker than other windows. Living in a high-velocity hurricane zone? These storm windows are what you need. Available in multiple colors and glass types. HVHZ and Florida State product approved.

Double Hung

Double-hung windows offer a traditional appearance with an increased level of energy efficiency. They’re easy to lift and clean, too! Available in three colors and two glass types. These windows hold Florida State product approval. (1531, 1541, 2551, and 2561 series)

Single Hung

Single-hung windows are the perfect combination of protection and appearance. They’re fantastic at preventing water and air from entering your home, especially when compared with competitors’ windows. Available in three colors and with two types of glass. Florida State product approved. (1431, 1441, 2451, and 2461 series)

modern house with large windows

Quality Aluminum Hurricane Windows

The aluminum storm windows we offer at Storm Smart of Southeast Florida are also excellent choices for protecting your home during a hurricane. Our selection of aluminum options features beautiful picture windows that mean you won’t miss out on a gorgeous view in favor of safety. We also offer single-hung choices in aluminum. These are corrosion-resistant and are proven to last longer than competitors. Both these hurricane windows can be customized in two colors and two glass types. Horizontal rollers are also available in aluminum. These top the competitors in terms of strength and longevity, while increasing protection from severe weather. With some of our aluminum windows, your West Palm Beach, FL home will have the best chance at coming through a hurricane unscathed.

Aluminum Windows

Picture Windows

Need a large, stylish window that’s great at letting your fabulous view in but keeping water and wind out? Look no further. Available in two colors and two types of glass. HVHZ and Florida State product approved. (3000 series)

Horizontal Rollers

Need more strength, protection, and longevity than the average horizontal roller windows offer? With this series, you can maximize your home’s protection from wind debris and water intrusion. Available in two colors and two glass types. Florida State product approved. (FWI 1000 series)

Single Hung

This series offers a longer life, corrosion resistance, and protection from storm-related debris. Choose from two colors and two types of glass. HVHZ and Florida State product approved. (FWI 1000 Series)

storm smart window features

More Than Just Hurricane Protection

Beyond severe weather protection, hurricane glass has several added benefits. Storm windows can save you money in both the summer and winter. Hurricane glass is much more energy-efficient than standard windows, which means they do a better job of keeping heat out in the summer. Your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to keep your home at the perfect temperature. Increased energy-efficiency also means a decrease in your utility bills. In addition to keeping the outside temperature out, hurricane windows keep noise out as well. Say goodbye to loud neighbors and annoying noise coming from the busy street outside.

Low-Maintenance Protection From Impact

Many homeowners assume that since storm windows offer so many functional advantages, they must be challenging to maintain. However, with hurricane windows from Storm Smart of Southeast Florida, you’ll only need to perform maintenance once a year. This maintenance is relatively low-stress and won’t take too much time. Properly maintained windows could serve your family with excellent hurricane protection for years.


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