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Exceptional Hurricane Protection Systems & Products

Hurricanes are an inevitable part of living in Florida, so protecting your home or business is essential. Storm Smart Southeast Florida offers customers throughout Lake Worth, FL outstanding hurricane protection systems and products to safeguard their property and keep their families safe. Storm Smart is one of the state’s leading storm protection product manufacturers and installers. We have partnered with them to provide solutions to resist hurricanes’ damaging rain, wind, and debris.

Southeast Florida’s Premium Storm Protection Products

Storm Smart Southeast Florida’s professional team will guide you through the many storm protection options we have available. Our innovative product line includes the following:

Storm Catcher Screens
We recommend these wind abatement screens because their lightweight fabric is strong enough to reduce 150-mph wind gusts to a light breeze inside your home. They minimize your damage risk and keep you from feeling like you’re in a cave with their translucence.

Aluminum Shutters
Storm Catcher shutters protect you from a hurricane’s pummeling rain, wind gusts, and flying debris impacts. They are the industry’s most innovative shutter systems, and we have visually pleasing options available to match or improve your home’s aesthetic.

Storm Panels
Let us install these metal storm panels over nearly any opening. They’re a budget-friendly solution that never warps or rots, and these panels provide ironclad impact resistance. We have clear storm panels to let in light while protecting you as well as the metal ones, and each option includes an emergency escape panel.

Smart View windows are great home options for any type of weather. These windows resist impact damage from debris during a hurricane, and they reflect ultraviolet (UV) radiation during sunny weather. This feature helps your home stay more energy efficient.

Crimsafe Screens
The nearly indestructible metal mesh looks just like a normal screen, but it’s proven to repel flying debris damage traveling at 244 mph. We can install these screens over doors, windows, and patio enclosures to protect your home against hurricanes and intruders.

roll down hurricane shutters

Why Choose Storm Smart Southeast Florida for Service

Storm Smart’s decades of history as a hurricane protection product and system provider has led to over 60,000 satisfied customers. We have partnered with them and share their commitment to unmatched customer service and uncompromising product quality. We proudly sell, install, and service these innovative screens, panels, windows, and shutters to ensure Southeast Florida residents stay safe.

Serving Homes & Businesses Throughout Lake Worth, FL

The team at Storm Smart Southeast Florida is ready to help you protect your home against hurricanes, starting with a free in-home estimate. We will discuss which product options fit your needs best and start the process to safeguard your structure.


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