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Comprehensive Storm Protection Systems

Storm Smart SE carries a wide variety of storm protection systems, including panels, screens, and shutters. We proudly serve homeowners and commercial property owners throughout West Palm Beach and Southeast Florida. Our expert team understands the need for secure, aesthetically pleasing methods to protect your property. Hurricanes can cause devastating property and emotional damage. We’re here to help you protect what matters. Read about our services, offerings, and more. When you’re ready to get the most out of your hurricane protection for your home, contact our team.

West Palm Beach
Boynton Beach
Delray Beach
Boca Raton
Lake Worth
Port St. Lucie

Our Products and Hurricane Protection Solutions

All our products are available for sale, installation, and service by our friendly and knowledgeable team. Consider any of Storm Smart SE’s panels, windows, screens, or shutters for your home:

Storm Panels

Get strong impact resistance without worrying about rotting or warping with metal storm panels. They’re budget-friendly, clear, and provide the same protection as metal options, still with a built-in emergency escape panel. They also let in natural light into your home.

Crimsafe Screens

These security screens are made with a nearly indestructible metal mesh to protect you and your property. Crimsafe screens are proven to repel debris damage of up to 244 mph. We install these regular-looking screens over windows, doors, and patio enclosures to protect from intruders, hurricane winds, and debris.

Storm Windows

Storm windows protect your home but look great throughout every season. They help keep your home more energy efficient by reflecting UV light and resisting impact damage from debris during hurricanes and other dangerous storms.

Storm Catcher Screens

These strong yet lightweight fabric wind abatement screens are powerful enough to tame up to 95% of destructive winds. They mitigate a hurricane’s strong, dangerous winds, reducing damage risks to your property and family. They are also translucent, allowing you to still receive natural light even while deployed.

Aluminum Shutters

Aluminum shutters provide some of the best protection from debris, impact, rain, and wind gusts. These hurricane protection shutters are innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. Plus, they match your home’s design, perfectly melding form and function.

Team Members

Why Choose Us?

Storm Smart of Southeast Florida has over 20 years of experience and expertise serving West Palm Beach and the surrounding communities. Our products are designed to keep you and your property safe and secure even in the strongest storms. We have helped over 60,000 customers improve the security of their homes and properties without breaking the bank or looking gaudy. We believe that protection should look good on your home. Our team has training and years of experience in customer service to help you make the right decision to improve your home’s security, resale value, and aesthetics. We take pride in providing you with our line of high-quality products you can trust.

Contact Us Today!

Call our team today to start the conversation about protecting your property. There are all types of possibilities and precautions you can take to help secure your home or business. West Palm Beach relies on Storm Smart of Southeast Florida for protection from hurricanes, storms, intruders, and more. Our products are designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are protective. Our team has years of experience helping customers fight the right level of protection that meets their needs, design, and budget. Contact us today to protect your family and home with our industry-leading storm products.


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