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For Superior Hurricane Protection, Trust Our Team

At Storm Smart of Southeast Florida, we value your safety and belongings as much as you do. So we are proud to offer products that protect them. Our strap and buckle screens give West Palm Beach, FL residents the safety and protection they require during Florida’s many hurricanes. While boarding up your windows is a solution to the hurricane problem, it isn’t the best one. For example, while meteorologists closely monitor storms as they approach, they can’t always pinpoint with extreme accuracy where they will land. You could spend time and money boarding your windows, only to miss the storm entirely. That is why our strap and buckle screens are so invaluable. They provide an easy and less time-consuming way to protect your home from hurricanes.

The Amazing Benefits of Strap and Buckle Screens

Strap and buckle screens feature an innovative, proprietary monofilament fabric that is tightly wound and porous enough to resist up to 95 percent of wind energy. The result? The screens transform 150 mph winds into not much more than a breeze. They shield your home from damage while providing the following benefits:

They Are a Cinch to Deploy

There is no need to board up your home days in advance. You should be able to focus your energies elsewhere. After all, there is a lot to do. Our strap and buckle screens allow for easy deployment. They are looped through eyehooks or columns and secured to a buckle – and you’re done.

They Are See-Through

Another downside of boarding up your windows is it creates a bunker-like environment inside your home. Everything is pitch-black, and you can’t see outside. Our screens are see-through, which will not only create a more comfortable experience for you but will also allow you to monitor the exterior of your home as the storm progresses.

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Why Investing in Our Products Makes Perfect Sense

Our goal is to help you protect your home from destructive storms – full stop. And we believe strap and buckle screens are one of the best ways to do so. But we are proud to present a host of options to our customers, including slide screens, easy screens, and permanently-affixed roll down screens. These options are all excellent alternatives to boarding up your windows and will provide the protection your home deserves. No matter which option you select, you can be sure of the quality, as Storm Smart of Southeast Florida would offer nothing but superior protection.

Contact Storm Smart of Southeast Florida Today

We know that some customers want to see strap and buckle screens in action. So we have a showroom staffed with experts. Do you want to feel the fabric in your hands? That’s no problem. We can explain how the technology works and even demonstrate how to install the screens. Our goal is to deliver superior customer service, no matter what the client needs. That’s how you can be sure Storm Smart of Southeast Florida is the best source for all your hurricane protection needs. Contact us today.


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