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Invest in Our Slide Screens Today

Hurricanes present numerous challenges to Southeast Florida residents. For instance, in a rush to protect their home from the punishing winds, many people flock to nearby stores to purchase unwieldy plywood boards. They spend too much time installing the boards then ride out the storm in a cave-like environment, unable to see outside. But what if there was an easy and affordable solution for those living in West Palm Beach, FL? Hurricane protection should be convenient and no-hassle, and slide screens over both things in abundance. For a better solution, turn to Storm Catcher’s effective and easy-to-install slide screen. We can promise they won’t disappoint you.

easy slide storm screen

The Benefits of Purchasing Slide Screens Today

At Storm Smart of Southeast Florida, we want you to experience the most efficient and no-hassle storm preparation process possible. Slide screens are the way to go if that is what you’re looking for. There are numerous benefits to installing slide-in screens on the windows around your home. We are proud to offer this innovative solution to all who have desired a more efficient way to protect their home from Florida’s destructive storms. The benefits of investing in slide screens are apparent and include:


Storm Catcher’s innovative design includes a tightly-wound and densely porous fabric formulated to reduce wind energy by up to 95 percent. To put that into perspective, slide screens will transform 150 mph wind gusts into gentle breezes. That’s protection that is invaluable at four times the price of this affordable option.

Easy Deployment

We know you want to protect your home while simultaneously keeping your home’s appearance in order. Fortunately, our slide-in screens do both. They feature a track that blends into the rest of your home. When a storm approaches, all you have to do is slide the screen into the track and secure it in place with fasteners.

Translucent Design

This one is important! One of the biggest downsides to boarding up your windows is you can’t see out of them. Considering hurricanes can stretch on for some time, it’s a long time to spend in a cave-like environment. We don’t want you to feel like you’re living in a bunker, so we are proud to say our slide screens are translucent, allowing you to see everything that is happening outside.

Contact Storm Smart of Southeast Florida Today

Storm Smart of Southeast Florida has years of experience finding solutions for our customers. We understand the stress of preparing for hurricanes. Our goal is to present products that make life easier and provide exceptional protection from the punishing winds and debris associated with these storms. Our showroom features an assortment of hurricane screen options – including slide screens. But more importantly, we staff it with team members who know what they’re talking about so they can deliver outstanding customer service. These are the reasons why clients throughout Jupiter, Tequesta, and Hobe Sound, FL trust us above all else. Contact us today for more information.


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