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Screens That Halt Hurricane-Force Winds In Their Tracks

Those who own homes in Southeast Florida understand the importance of protecting their houses from hurricanes. And they know they can trust Storm Smart of Southeast Florida to get the job done. We have years of experience providing top-notch solutions to our customers. For roll down screens in West Palm Beach, FL, place your trust in us. We are the premier manufacturer of the industry’s leading fabric-based storm protection products. Roll down screens are popular, durable, and more than capable of protecting your home from the dangers of hurricanes.

fabric roll down screens

Storm Smart of Southeast Florida Delivers Proven Solutions

If you want to enjoy effective hurricane protection, then the technologically-advanced polypropylene fabric of Storm Catcher screens is the way to go. How does a fabric-based screen resist hurricane-force winds? It is so tightly-wound, it can shield the interior of your home from nearly all rain and wind. Most impressively, it reduces wind velocity by as much as 95 percent, turning the most violent 150 mph gusts into pleasant breezes.

Quick Deployment is Key, and Roll Down Screens Offer It

We permanently install our roll down screens on your property. Our installers know how to do so without damaging your property. Most importantly, they understand how to install them for quick deployment. Roll down screens are not only always in place; they are ready for use at a moment’s notice. We can install both manually- and electronically-powered screens at your convenience. When the next storm hits, protecting your home will be as easy as activating the screen.

No More Cave-Like Home

Storm Smart of Southeast Florida’s roll down screens are see-through, meaning more than enough natural light will filter into your home. They eliminate the dark, cave-like environment of a house with boarded-up windows. Also, because you can see through them, you can keep an eye on the exterior of your home as the storm progresses. The see-through nature of roll down hurricane screens might be their most attractive feature for many homeowners.

roll down screens

Roll Down Screens Aren’t Just for Stormy Days

While these screens’ primary purpose is to protect your home from hurricanes, that is not the only advantage. They are ideal for bright and sunny days, as well. They are formulated to reduce sun glare, meaning they will provide shade while simultaneously allowing natural light to filter in. They also offer privacy when you lower them. Versatility is important, and we are thrilled to say our retractable screens provide plenty of it.

Contact Storm Smart of Southeast Florida Today

We are excited to offer roll down screens to our customers. If you want a closer look at our roll down hurricane screens, visit our showroom. You can see everything in action at our location, feel the tightly-wound fabric for yourself, and speak to our knowledgeable team members. You won’t regret choosing one of Storm Smart of Southeast Florida’s retractable screens; you’ll notice the difference right away. Throughout Juniper, Tequesta, and Hobe Sound, FL, our customers have enjoyed the benefits of roll down hurricane screens. Contact us today if you have additional questions.


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