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Protect Your Home With Grommet Hurricane Screens

Florida’s hurricane season casts a long shadow over residential and commercial clients. Storm Smart of Southeast Florida is here to remove the shadow and deliver peace of mind to our customers. The Grommet hurricane screen helps West Palm Beach, FL residences and businesses brace for the onslaught. This innovative screen prevents expensive property damage and minimizes the impacts of destructive storms. Storm Smart of Southeast Florida is committed to innovation and discovering new and exciting ways to serve our clients, all of whom want to feel safe when the storm approaches.

Why Choose Storm Smart of Southeast Florida

Why Choose Storm Smart of Southeast Florida

With so many screen manufacturers and installers active in West Palm Beach, it’s perfectly fair to ask why you should choose Storm Smart of Southeast Florida for all of your hurricane screen needs. We’ve worked hard over the years to develop superior products and hone our customer service skills. The benefits of working with Storm Smart of Southeast Florida include:

The Benefits of the Grommet Hurricane Screen

Homeowners and commercial property owners are always searching for ways to protect their investments from the ravages of Florida’s hurricane and tropical storm seasons. Punishing winds and rains can wreak havoc on every facet of your property. Our industrial-strength screens are up to the task of keeping the interior of your house safe. They offer several benefits, including:


You might think a heavy-duty hurricane screen might make it difficult to see your surroundings. Not so! You’ll still be able to enjoy a pleasant summer afternoon on your porch or in a sunroom.

Easy to Install

Nothing’s worse than a challenging installation process. While we can handle initial installation, you’ll have no trouble reinstalling them down the line if you need to.


Despite protecting from gale-force windows, the Grommet hurricane screen is almost unbelievably lightweight.


When it comes to dangerous storms, this highly innovative hurricane fabric provides inspiring protection, making it the bulletproof vest your home or business requires.


Energy efficiency is crucial in both residential and commercial buildings, and the Grommet hurricane screen won’t harm your building’s energy-efficiency ratings!

Easily Mounted

We’ve designed our products to mount on any surface, no matter how unusually shaped it is.

Allows Light In

Our hurricane screens are made of 100 percent polypropylene mesh, which is solid enough to block 95 percent of all wind and rain yet allow natural light into the building.

Meets Building Codes

Florida building codes are stringent and strictly enforced, but you'll be happy to learn that our hurricane screens meet those specifications.


While hurricanes are bound to cause some damage to your home, the name of the game is minimizing damage! The Grommet hurricane screen does that and more!

A Variety of Shape, Size, Color, and Installation Options

Storm Smart of Southeast Florida can design hurricane fabric screens in a variety of shapes and colors. Our work includes everything from square or rectangular designs to semi-circles, arches, or more complex configurations with cut-outs and angles. Our five color choices include brown, black, grey, bone, and white. The Grommet hurricane screen can include grommets on two, three, or four sides for maximum customization. We can mount it directly to your house or business using strong and durable mounting hardware. We can also use tracks to complete the installation. Depending on the specifics of your building, there are several available tracks. You can also mount Grommet hurricane screens using our strap and buckle application.

Grommet Screen installation systems use a combination of structure mounting frames. We offer wall- and floor-mounting tracks, all with corrosive-resistant materials and finishes. Also, our optional, code-approved emergency escape panel provides the ability to protect you inside your home, knowing that you can get out if you have to. You’ll be glad to learn that this system has been tested and has passed ASTM protocols E330, E1886, E1996-02, as well as meeting protocols PA/TAS 201, 202, and 203.

Contact Storm Smart of Southeast Florida Today

We believe every building deserves to be safe and secure from hurricanes and tropical storms. We also think our product is the best way for property owners to ensure their safety and the safety of their prized belongings. Don’t be caught in a destructive storm without the protection you need. If you would like to learn more about hurricane screens, you can schedule a free consultation at your convenience.


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