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Professional Hurricane Protection Screens

If you live in or around West Palm Beach, you understand the importance of having hurricane-proof windows and outdoor gathering areas. Given that Florida sees a six-month hurricane season every year, it makes sense to ensure your property is protected. Storm Smart of Southeast Florida has you covered with durable hurricane screens. Our hurricane screens offer an extra layer of year-round protection against flying debris and heavy rains and winds.

roll down fabric screens

Wide Variety of Screens for Maximum Protection

They’re ideal for balconies, lanais, and entryways. You will use our roll-down screens to stop bugs, provide shade, and keep your lanai dry. They make your outdoor space more livable!

We offer many types of hurricane screens for you to choose from, including roll-down screenseasy screensslide screensstrap and buckle screens, and grommet screens. We also offer hurricane shutters and other products for maximum window protection! No matter the size or the shape of the opening, we have a solution to protect it.

Roll-Down Screens
Roll-down screens protect your home and possessions against hurricane-force winds in a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way. They are quick to deploy from their permanent installations. We install them in manual and electronically powered variants for added convenience. When a storm hits, all you need to do is roll the screens down to protect your home. Another positive aspect of them is their see-through looks. You won’t have to worry about the traditional dark, cave-like look of hurricane shutters and screens as you can see through the roll-down screens.

Easy Screen
The Storm Catcher Easy Screen provides superior protection from the elements in an easy, flexible screen. Instead of clunky plywood boards, these lightweight yet strong screens are quick to apply and will help your home outlast a storm. They are constructed from a densely porous fabric mesh that effectively blocks 95% of wind energy. They are also easy to install as you won’t have to worry about spending hours boarding up windows. All you have to do s slide the screen along the track at the top, and the screens do the rest in a low-profile design.

Slide Screen
Slide Screens help protect your home from punishing winds without hiding your windows and creating a dark, scary environment inside. These screens are designed to be no-hassle storm preparation. They’re easy to install and deploy, as you just need to slide the screens themselves into the track and secure them in place with built-in fasteners. Additionally, they are translucent in design, allowing you to see out of them as opposed to traditional boarding up methods.

Strap & Buckle Screen
Strap & Buckles Screens feature innovative, proprietary monofilament fabric that is tightly wound and porous enough to resist up to 95% of wind energy. This allows you to protect from 150 mph winds, allowing you to secure your home and the safety of your family. Plus, they’re easy to deploy with looped eyehooks or columns and secured to a buckle. Finally, like all our screens, they are translucent, allowing you to see outside and allowing sunlight in for added lighting and to avoid the traditional bunker-like feeling of boarding up your windows.

Grommet Screens
Grommet Screens protect your home and investments from brutal hurricanes and storms. They’re easy to install, lightweight, durable, and economical. Plus, they allow light in as they are made from 100% polypropylene mesh, blocking 85% of all wind and rain but allowing in natural light.

Request a Free In-Home Consultation for Hurricane Screens

Storm Smart of Southeast Florida offers a comprehensive line of certified storm protection products that meets or exceeds all Florida safety requirements. Below is a list of some of our best-selling hurricane screens. Simply click “Learn More” on any of them, and you’ll get a short description, as well as a few benefits and the best applications for each type of hurricane screen. If you have odd-shaped windows, we also custom-design various storm protection and wind abatement systems. Contact Storm Smart of Southeast Florida to request your free in-home consultation to see what we can do for you today!

Roll Down Screen
Easy Screen
Slide Screen
Strap & Buckle Screen
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