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Aluminum Roll Down Shutters

The most convenient of all hurricane shutters is the roll-down type. Providing maximum protection against storms and flying debris, this type of roll shutter is permanently installed in a box above the opening and lowered into place by hand crank or electric motor. Additionally, you benefit by the shutters’ ability to reduce energy loss and damage to furnishings and carpet by blocking out the heat and sun. They also reduce outside noise while keeping your lanai clean and adding privacy and security.

roll down shutters

Benefits of Roll Down Shutters

  • Withstands hurricane force winds
  • Operates from inside or outside the home
  • White, bronze, ivory and beige, with optional custom colors
  • Always in place, ready for use
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Optional remote control available
  • Create extra living space

Additional Information

If you would like to learn more about this or any other hurricane protection product, please allow us to schedule a free consultation at your convenience. Once you talk to the experts, your decision will be easy.


Storm Smart provides a wide selection of aluminum rolling shutters to best meet your needs, including an End-Retention system capable of spanning 281 inches tested with a design load at 60 PSF and structural load at 90 PSF.

Shutter Housing

Machine-formed aluminum hoods provide the housing to contain the shutter roll above the protected opening. Within the housing is the shutter curtain attached to the reel that is structurally fastened to the side caps for strength and rigidity. The housing is sealed with caulking to weatherproof and maintain a clean and finished look.


Octagonal hot galvanized steel or aluminum reels are used for strength and rigidity. For long spans, larger diameter 100 mm steel reels are used to ensure that the system rolls properly.


Manufactured of extruded, hardened 6063-T6 aluminum alloy to ensure maximum structural integrity. Wind, rain, and noise are eliminated with poly weather stripping on both sides of track.


Storm Smart uses the quietest, state-of-the-art and U.L.-recognized motors available and provides a five-year limited warranty. A fully trained electrician assures the wiring is done properly. All motors are fully contained within the shutter reel and incorporate a thermal-overload protection device. The motors are self-lubricating and sealed for years of trouble-free service. Optional built-in manual override guarantees total control over your rolling shutters at all times, even in cases of power failure.

Slat Attachment

Safety-lock hangers mount the slat to the reel which prevents the shutter from being lifted when closed. Provides security and reduces noise. Safety-lock hangers will require less maintenance than slats directly fastened to the reel.

Gears & Bearings

The stainless steel worm gear installed on manual shutters provides years of trouble-free use and requires no maintenance.

Crank Handle

Aluminum and stainless steel with hand cushions.

Installation Hardware

Domestic grade fasteners of the highest quality for strength and durability.

Testing Standards

The system has been tested to and has passed ASTM protocols E330, E1886, E1996-02 as well as TAS 201, TAS 202, and TAS 203.


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