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Accordion Storm Shutters To Protect Your Florida Home

Storm Smart of Southeast Florida provides top-of-the-line accordion shutters to Florida residents. Living in Florida offers plenty of benefits, from beach living to sunshine-filled summer days. But homeowners must also concern themselves with hurricanes and their impact on their property. Accordion shutters can provide Florida residents the protection they require while looking presentable and aesthetically pleasing. Storm Smart of Southeast Florida sells gliding, locking, and durable shutters that offer much-needed protection from the devastating winds of storms and hurricanes.

accordion shutters

What are Accordion Shutters?

Accordion shutters provide property owners with the highest degree of protection. These shutters are one of the most popular methods of securing one’s personal safety and belongings during a hurricane. Prevention measures are critical in Southeast Florida. Accordion storm shutters and accordion hurricane shutters are commonly used forms of protection in Florida. They are often used for windows, sliding glass doors, balconies, lanais, and commercial structures with large openings. The heavy-duty construction of these shutters provides superior strength and exceeds all impact- and wind-testing.

The Benefits of Accordion Shutters

Home and business owners who invest in accordion shutters can expect numerous advantages from these state-of-the-art shutters. The benefits of opting for accordion shutters installation include:


One of the reasons purchasing a set of accordion shutters is such a sound investment is their versatility. Storm Smart of Southeast Florida sells vertical blades at any width. They can cover windows, sliding glass doors, and entire balconies, gliding effortlessly along well-constructed tracks. We can install them to open right, left, or from the center. Whatever you want, we can provide.

Ease of Use

Storm Smart of Southeast Florida offers a stainless-steel roller carriage system that makes our accordion shutters easy to use. Because each component is so meticulously-built, they open and close without sticking or becoming dislodged from the tracks.


Unfortunately, the aftermath of severe storms can increase the likelihood of theft, especially if you’re a snowbird with a summer home in Southeast Florida. Fortunately, our inventory of accordion shutters has an effective locking system that prevents intruders from gaining access to your home.

Low Maintenance

Accordion shutters are easy to clean, which is a big deal during the aftermath of a destructive storm. You have other things to concern yourself with, so cleaning shouldn't be one of them. Our products don't require much maintenance and are easy to clean when needed.

What Do Accordion Shutters Cost?

The cost of hurricane shutters such as these can vary. Typically, permanent accordion shutters will cost between $15 and $30 per square foot, with labor costs running an additional $50 to $$100 per hour.

Why Choose Storm Smart of Southeast Florida?

Storm Smart of Southeast Florida is your best source for high-quality hurricane-proof household and commercial applications because of our commitment to selling and installing high-quality materials. If you’re unsure, check out some of our testimonials from past and current customers. When looking for the right company to purchase accordion shutters from, look no further than Storm Smart of Southeast Florida. You can count on the following benefits when you buy from us:

Blades & Centermates

Our blades are made from hollow, post-construction extruded aluminum materials for maximum durability. We offer several thickness options, from .050 to .062. The type you choose should depend on your property. Also, our accordions consume roughly 30 percent less space than most options. They’re more reliable because of the deeper corrugation, more significant hinge points, and pin diameter.

Roller Housing

The roller housing is just as important as the blades and other components within the accordion shutter system. Our products include housing constructed from die-cast Zamac®. The housing is finished with DacroShield®, which delivers resistance to the salt and corrosion accompanying storms where salt from the ocean swirls through the area. Finally, we secure the wheel with industrial-strength fasteners.

Wheels & Bushings

Our accordion shutters have fiberglass nylon wheels and bushings, which are immense reinforcement factors. They ensure strength, long life, and low maintenance. They have rounded wheels, which allow the shutters to accommodate curved areas. Finally, our manufacturers construct them, so they withstand wear-and-tear, ensuring you'll never have to replace them.

Header & Bottom Tracks

We can mount our heavy-duty aluminum header and bottom tracks in various ways, including ceiling, wall, walkover, and build-out designs. Additionally, we felt-line the tracks for noise reduction and ease of operation. The strong header and bottom tracks provide maximum protection in high winds.

Key Locks

Key locks can be installed inside or outside for privacy and security. The key lock provides more protection from intruders. We can also install an optional heavy-duty storefront lock on commercial properties, which is also operable from inside and outside.

Contact Us Today About Accordion Shutters

Our customer service dedication means we never sell defective or ineffective products. Each one of our accordion shutter products is tested before sale. In addition to accordion shutters, we provide a wide range of additional shutter types as well. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. One of our specialists can provide you with additional information.


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