Roll Down Screen

Storm Catcher Roll Down Screen

Enjoy incredibly effective hurricane protection and the convenience of an electronically-controlled or manually-operated rolling hurricane screen system. Protecting you, your family and your home even when you are not there, this highly-innovative and advanced design is like having a bulletproof vest for the vulnerable openings of your home. Additionally, the Storm Catcher Rolling Screen can cover large openings while the cutting-edge mesh structure filters in light, allowing you to see out.

Benefits of Storm Catcher

Always in place, ready for use

Withstands hurricane force winds and impact from flying debris

Operates from inside or outside the home

Can easily be deployed manually or electronically with optional remote control

Provides privacy and keeps the lanai clean of rain, dust and debris

Reduces sun glare

Increases the resale value of your home

Filters light in, allowing you to see outside.

Blocks 95 percent of all wind and rain, protecting the envelope of your home.

Meets stringent Florida Building Codes.

Eliminates that cave-like feeling produced by aluminum and steel shutters.

Peace of mind during storms.

If you would like to learn more about this or any other hurricane protection product, please allow us to schedule a free consultation at your convenience. Once you talk to the experts, your decision will be easy.