Grommet Screen

Grommet Hurricane Screen

Storm Catcher Wind Abatement Hurricane Screen which is proudly offered exclusively by Storm Smart Industries, is one of our most versatile products in terms of application options. One popular application is the Grommet Screen. This hurricane fabric screen is available with grommets on two, three or four sides. The hurricane screen can be mounted directly to the structure using a variety of mounting hardware.

The Grommet Screen can also be mounted using track secured to the building structure. Depending on the specifics of your home, several types of track are available. You can also mount Storm Catcher using our Strap and Buckle application, which eliminates the need for some or all grommets.

When it comes to dangerous storms, this highly innovative hurricane fabric provides serious protection. It is truly like having a bulletproof vest for your home or business.

Screen Types – Storm Smart can design your hurricane fabric screens in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Shapes include everything from the basic square or rectangular design, to semi-circles for arches, to more complex configurations with cut outs and angles. Our five screen color choices include brown, black, grey, bone and white

Storm Catcher Wind Abatement Hurricane Screen is constructed of 100% polypropylene mesh. This hurricane fabric material is solid enough to block 95% of all wind and rain, yet still allows natural light to filter through. This feature provides visibility from the inside when the screen is deployed.


Filters light in, allowing you to see outside.

Guards against hurricane-force winds and driving rain.

Blocks 95 percent of all wind and rain, protecting the envelope of your home.

Is lightweight and easily installed.

Meets stringent Florida Building Codes.

Eliminates that cave-like feeling produced by aluminum and steel shutters.

Secures to the walls of your home or office building.

Stores in a fraction of the space of other removable systems.

Fastening Systems – Grommet Screen installation systems can use a combination of a wide variety of structure mounting frames. We offer wall- and floor-mount tracks in a variety of shapes and sizes, all with corrosive-resistant materials and finishes. Also, our optional, code-approved emergency escape panel provides the ability to protect you inside your home knowing that you can get out if you have to.

Testing Standard – The system has been tested to and has passed ASTM protocols E330, E1886, E1996-02 as well as meeting protocols PA/TAS 201, 202, and 203.

If you would like to learn more about this or any other hurricane protection product, please allow us to schedule a free consultation at your convenience. Once you talk to the experts, your decision will be easy.