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Live Safe With Crimsafe

When you want overall protection from home invasions, hurricanes, high energy costs, bugs, and burglars, Crimsafe is for you. Storm Smart Southeast Florida in West Palm Beach, FL offers the Crimsafe line of products to protect your home or commercial building from intruders and extreme weather while beautifying and enhancing its appearance. Crimsafe products act as a physical barrier to outside elements. All Crimsafe door and window screens, patio enclosures, and the patented Safe-S-Cape egress screens are installed with proprietary, tamper-resistant, and concealed screws for improved curb appeal. Once installed, Crimsafe screens will virtually disappear, allowing an unobstructed view while enhancing curb appeal. Products are custom-built to fit any opening and are hurricane-approved to Miami Dade specifications.

crimsafe screens

Benefits of Crimsafe

Crimsafe has many benefits, including:

  • 24/7 security from intruders and damaging forces of nature such as hurricanes, hail, flying debris, bugs, and excessive heat
  • Knife-shear tested and hurricane-code approved to Miami Dade, Florida Building Code, HVHZ requirements
  • Crimsafe screens virtually disappear, allowing an unobstructed view while enhancing curb appeal
  • Specialty shapes including trapezoids and arches
  • Fire attenuating features
  • 10-year warranty
  • External barrier
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Multiple frame colors available
  • Patented Screw-Clamp™ fastening system allows for no visible attachment points and seamless integration

Why Should I Trust Crimsafe Products?

Crimsafe is the solution for outstanding security combined with an aesthetically pleasing look. Without the look of bars and grills, the woven stainless-steel mesh adds curb appeal to any property. The unique screw-clamp™ system is durable and versatile for ventilation and visibility. Put your trust in the performance of these tough window screens.

The Crimsafe Difference

Crimsafe products are made with 304-grade tensile stainless-steel mesh. This grade of mesh is hard to penetrate or cut. At a diameter of 0.9mm, it’s over 25% thicker on its cross-section than many products. Its 304 structural grade mesh outperforms an everyday 316 grade. Crimsafe’s engineered Tensile-Tough mesh is made to absorb harsh elements and never falter. Their patented clamp process uses tamper-resistant screws that go through an aluminum clamp and mesh screen into the frame. Fastening the clamps mechanically allows the mesh to resist being pulled away from the frame.

crimsafe windows

Crimsafe Safety Features

Crimsafe has multiple safety features to keep your home and family safe. Its patented Crimsafe-S-Cape® system allows a Keyless exit that can be used from the inside. It won’t compromise complete security from outdoors, so you are never trapped inside your home during an invasion. Crimsafe’s Fire Tuff® screens reduce the intensity of flames and radiant heat flux up to 59%. Crimsafe products focus on keeping you safe and giving you the means to escape in an emergency.

Providing Energy Efficiency

Crimsafe security screens help keep your energy costs down in the hot Florida weather. The screens block 52 percent of solar heat, allowing you to rest comfortably without turning down your air conditioner. You’ll also maintain visibility outside through the clear mesh screens.

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Storm Smart of Southeast Florida is proud to offer safe, attractive Crimsafe products for your home and business. We’re here to help you find the windows and products that best fit your needs. Contact Storm Smart of Southeast Florida today to schedule an initial consultation. One of our specialists can provide you with additional information.


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