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If you have ever lived in the Southeast United States, you’re aware that hurricanes are a recurring threat. Understanding this threat and knowing how to prepare for these storms is critical. An important step to take in this regard is the installation of impact resistant windows.

Impact resistant windows are made by laminating two or more panes of glass with a special resin in between the panes. This is similar to the safety glass used in the automotive industry. These windows are designed to withstand extreme wind speeds as well as protect against wind borne debris.

To fully appreciate the benefits of impact resistant windows, it’s important to understand what happens during a severe storm, such as a hurricane. During a storm, the atmospheric pressure outside rises. Closed windows in your home prevent the pressure from also rising inside. The stronger the storm, the higher the pressure and the more there will be a difference between your home and the outdoors.

close up window and powerful tropical stormIn this situation, if one of your windows breaks, the high pressured air from outside will enter your home, resulting in a massive rush of air that can cause extreme damage to your home.

In a storm, and particularly during a hurricane, a lot of debris is flying around. The high winds loosen branches, pick up patio furniture, building materials, and many other objects. This debris can shatter a normal glass window pane, but with impact resistant laminated glass, your windows are significantly stronger.

In addition to breaking your windows, this damage can lead to other problems. Most hurricanes bring heavy rain, and a broken window could cause rainwater to come inside. The rainwater can damage your walls and floors, but it can also cause mold to grow and thrive. Mold mitigation and removal after a storm can be extremely expensive.

Impact resistant windows offer many other benefits:

  • Noise reduction-Impact resistant windows significantly reduce noises outside your home from coming in, such as barking dogs, honking horns, lawn mowers and leaf blowers.
  • Solar protection-Impact resistant windows protect your family and your belongings from the effects of solar rays than can fade window treatments, damage furniture and flooring, and harm your skin. Impact resistant window can block as much as 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your home.
  • Energy efficiency-Impact resistant windows are made from two or three panels of glass, meaning they’re incredibly energy efficient and help save money on heating and cooling bills.
  • Safety and security-When an intruder breaks into a home, chances are he broke a window to get in. Impact resistant glass can prevent a burglar from being able to break the glass, making it much harder to gain entry.
  • Increase in home value-If you live in a hurricane prone area of the country, installing impact resistant windows can significantly increase the value of your home.
  • Reduced insurance cost-Installing impact resistant windows in your new or existing home can help reduce your insurance costs. Most companies offer reduced rates when impact resistant windows are installed throughout the home.

All in all, impact resistant windows are an excellent investment. They protect your home, your possessions, your furniture and fixtures, and most importantly, your family.

Storm Smart of Southeast Florida is based in West Palm Beach and serves customers from Delray to Vero Beach. We began business on the East Coast of Florida in 2016 and have been growing ever since. Our success is based on Storm Smart’s comprehensive line of products that offer you the very best in storm protection, great installations, and a focus on customer service. Check out our reviews!

Our full line of technologically advanced systems is backed by the care and service of highly trained technicians. Whether you are building new or just want to protect your home and family better from hurricane winds, Storm Smart of Southeast Florida has just what you need. If you would like more information about our company, contact us at 561-220-7222.