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Florida is an amazing place to liveFlorida is an amazing place to live. The weather is gorgeous, the beaches are unbeatable, and it’s easy to stay active all year round. The Sunshine State is not without its drawbacks, however, and one of the biggest is the prevalence of mosquitoes. You don’t want to kill off your pollinators, so you try mosquito baits, light citronella candles, and try to avoid going outside during times of day where you’re likely to be swarmed. Is there a better way to deal with this problem? We believe there is, and it helps with another big Florida problem, too.

What’s our solution? Hurricane screens. Screens are a proven way to keep insects at bay, and that includes pesky mosquitoes. The part of hurricane window screens that keeps out the bugs is the mesh. Mesh comes in a variety of types, with tiny holes or larger ones, depending on what you’re trying to keep out. This mesh allows fresh air to flow through, but doesn’t let bugs in. The mesh on hurricane screens for windows does a lot more than that, though. You can choose mesh that offers privacy or filters out UV rays, or even mesh that blocks the light completely, allowing you to keep your room dark if you’ve worked the night shift and want to sleep in. You can still enjoy some fresh air in a bug-free, dark room.

Of course, you won’t want your room dark all the time, and that’s where retractable screens come into play. These screens allow you to let in as much air and light as you want, and open the house up to natural ventilation during times when bugs aren’t a problem. You can choose retractable screens for doors, windows, multi-panel doorways, and even for a lanai or porch. Even sliding glass doors can be protected by hurricane screens. You can have manual or motorized roll down screens permanently installed, even on a patio, and easily protect your home from bugs, sun, and wind.

Wind is a major factor when you’re talking about Florida weather. While the UV rays of the sun can make you uncomfortable when you’re sitting on the porch, and installing sun-blocking screens can shield you, retractable hurricane screens will also keep your home safe during a major storm. They’re strong as aluminum shutters, yet still allow some visibility, so that you can keep an eye on what’s going on with your property. What’s more, hurricane roll down screens are convenient to deploy, especially if you choose to install the motorized variety. When a storm is on the way, and everyone in your neighborhood is rushing to the hardware store to buy unsightly plywood to tack up over their windows, you can simply push a button and protect your home with your roll down screens. Not only can you stay calm and collected, focused on preparing to keep your family safe during the hurricane, but your property will look good while it’s standing up to strong winds and driving rain. You won’t have to sit in a dark house with boarded-up windows but can enjoy natural light filtering through your hurricane screens.

Storm Smart is proud to offer Storm Catcher screens. Made of tightly-wound, technologically-advanced, polypropylene fabric, these screens can resist hurricane-force winds, reducing wind velocity by up to 95 percent and shielding your home from almost all rain and wind. Rather than being battered by a vicious storm, your home will experience only pleasant breezes, even when gusts reach 150 mph. An elegant look, protection from storms, and no more annoying mosquitoes- what more could anyone want for their Florida home?

At Storm Smart, we’re the recognized leader in hurricane protection, but we also offer patio screens that keep out bugs and wind while letting in natural light. First established in 1994 we’ve been serving the East Coast of Florida since 2016, providing the very best in storm protection, along with unmatched customer service. We’re the largest manufacturer and installer of code-approved hurricane protection products, and we offer a full line of technologically advanced systems, backed by the care and service of highly-trained technicians. To find the right products to keep your property and family safe during hurricane season and all year long, contact our experienced team by calling 561-220-7222, or schedule a consultation and free estimate through our website.