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If you live in Florida, hurricanes come with the territory. How is it that some people panic when a hurricane approaches, while other homeowners fae the storm calmly and confidently? The secret is hurricane preparation. When you know how to prepare your home for a hurricane, you won’t worry about your property being destroyed. We recommend starting well in advance to prepare your home for hurricane season, and we’ve got some tips to help you.

Preparing For Hurricane TogetherPreparing for a hurricane starts with understanding what to expect from the storm. Hurricanes bring high-velocity winds, torrential rain, storm surges, and flooding. What’s more, anything that’s not secured around your home can become a dangerous missile when hurricane-force winds pick things up and hurl them through windows and doors. Once the structure of the house has been damaged, rain can come into the house through broken windows and doors and holes in the roof. In fact, rain pouring into a ravaged house causes much of the property damage associated with hurricanes.

When you know how to prepare your home for hurricane season, you’ll start well in advance and work in stages. Assess potential hazards around your home, like rock or gravel landscaping materials or weak branches and dead trees. Landscape with lightweight, fire-resistant materials that won’t do much damage if they hit your house and remove any foliage that could potentially cause a problem when the wind gets high.

Once you’ve taken care of any landscaping concerns, look to the structure of your home. Make sure any sliding glass doors are made of tempered glass and protected with shutters. Replace any exterior doors that are not hurricane-proof, and install doors with at least three hinges and a dead bolt lock. This lock should be no less than one inch long. An old garage door should be replaced with one that’s approved for wind pressure as well as impact protection. Seal any openings in your outside walls, like vents and holes where cables or pipes go through the walls, using urethane-based caulk. This will help keep water from penetrating your home during the storm.

Install storm shutters or hurricane screens to protect your windows and glass doors from breaking during the hurricane. If your windows or doors break during the storm, you could be at risk of losing your roof from pressure underneath it. Installing impact windows along with your hurricane shutters can ensure that your home is doubly protected from damage.

Make sure you’re familiar with your insurance policies and that you have the right coverage. Your homeowners’ policy should have a hurricane coverage rider, and you should also carry flood insurance. While homeowners’ insurance with added hurricane coverage will cover some storm damage, but flooding won’t be covered unless you have additional flood insurance. If you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, as much of Florida is, you will want to make sure you are protected.

While you’re preparing your home to withstand the wind and water that comes with a hurricane, make sure your family is ready as well. Check out FEMA’s hurricane preparedness digital toolkit, and create an emergency plan with your family members. Have emergency supplies on hand before hurricane season starts, and familiarize yourself with your community’s evacuation plan. Sign up for local alerts, and learn potential evacuation routes, in case you and your family need to leave. Listening to the authorities and evacuating when it’s necessary to stay safe is important, and it will be far less stressful to do this when you know your house is protected and you’re likely to come back to find it undamaged and sound.

Now that you know how to prepare for a hurricane, trust Storm Smart, the recognized leader in hurricane protection to outfit your home with the proper equipment to protect it. First established in 1994, we’ve been serving the East Coast of Florida since 2016, providing the very best in storm protection, along with unmatched customer service. We’re the largest manufacturer and installer of code-approved hurricane protection products, and we offer a full line of technologically advanced systems, backed by the care and service of highly-trained technicians. To find the right products to keep your property and family safe during hurricane season and all year long, contact our experienced team by calling 561-220-7222, or schedule a consultation and free estimate through our website.