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Shutters are often used for decorative purposesAre you shopping for shutters for windows on your house? If so, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. The sheer scope of products available on the market today can make the process of buying hurricane shutters seem daunting. Don’t worry! We can help. Here’s everything you need to know about picking hurricane window shutters for your Florida home.

Shutters have been around since houses have been around, first use to keep inhabitants safe from animals and intruders, then used to protect glass in the windows. Today, shutters are often used for decorative purposes. However, in Florida, they can serve a much more important purpose, by keeping your home safe from hurricane damage. How do you choose between shutters? It starts with asking yourself a few questions.

  • Why do I need shutters? Some people have shutters for purely decorative reasons, and that makes sense because they definitely add to the look of a house. Shutters could also give you control over how much light is coming into your home, and this is good not only for your comfort, but also to protect the longevity of your furniture by preventing sun damage. Interior shutters are a great option if you are trying to block light, because it will be easier to adjust them when you need to. if you are buying shutters for security or to prevent hurricane damage, exterior shutters are the way to go.
  • What shutter style goes with my home and meets my needs? Here’s where you make a lot of decisions at once. Indoor or outdoor? Louvered or solid? Decorative or functional? Let’s look at the basic types of shutters so that you can consider how each would fit with your existing architecture and accomplish the purpose for which you’re buying shutters.
    • Bahama hurricane shutters are a beachy-feeling option, good for coastal houses. They typically cover an entire window and are hinged at the top, so that they open out at the bottom. They can be propped open to allow for a breeze or shut tight against the window for protection from storms.
    • Solid or paneled shutters look good with a New England or colonial-style home, but they’re typically more decorative than functional.
    • If you have a Southern-style or plantation-style home, plantation-style shutters will have the right look. These shutters are louvered, with large slats that move up and down so that you can control the amount of light coming through the window. Plantation-style shutters are typically indoor shutters and can help keep your house cool.
    • For a French Country-style home, or something similarly informal, board shutters give a classic look. Some are just decorative, but you can also choose board shutters that will protect the house during a storm.
    • In addition to hurricane protection, roll down hurricane shutters can also be used to provide security. As the name implies, these shutters roll down; they’re also impact-resistant and lock into place, providing optimal protection from not just storms but also intruders.
    • Similarly, accordion hurricane shutters offer security as well as storm protection. they can be used on windows or doors and when open, they fold to either side to allow light to stream through. When closed, however, they keep the outside world out.
  • Which material will be most practical for the shutters I need? Traditionally, shutters were made of wood. Some decorative shutters still are, and that offers a classic, elegant, high-end look. Wood shutters are costly and need a lot of maintenance, though, and there are many other materials on the market today that may be a better option for your home. For decorative shutters, you can choose not only wood, but also vinyl or composite. Vinyl shutters are made from PVC, and composite shutters are made to look like real wood. If your goal is hurricane protection or security, shutters made from a metal like steel are strong. However, these metal shutters are also heavy and prone to corrosion. Aluminum shutters won’t corrode, and they’re lighter than steel, but they do hold heat, and this can cause your house to become too hot. Another option is clear polycarbonate, a tough polymer that’s lightweight and see-through.

When you need to choose the right shutters to protect your home or business from Florida’s storms, trust Storm Smart the recognized leader in hurricane protection. First established in 1994, we’ve been serving the East Coast of Florida since 2016, providing the very best in storm protection, along with unmatched customer service. We’re the largest manufacturer and installer of code-approved hurricane protection products, and we offer a full line of technologically advanced systems, backed by the care and service of highly-trained technicians. To find the right products to keep your property and family safe during hurricane season and all year long, contact our experienced team by calling 561-220-7222, or schedule a consultation and free estimate through our website.