Strap & Buckle Screen

Perfect for homes and commercial properties, Storm Catcher Strap & Buckle is quick to install and easy to deploy. This system incorporates a flexible attachment design using straps and buckles to fasten the hurricane screen to the structure. The straps and buckles are sewn into the hemmed fabric and cross-stitched to ensure a solid connection. The straps are then looped through permanently attached or removable eyehooks or wrapped around columns and securely connected to the buckles.

Enjoy incredibly effective hurricane protection

Installs on almost any opening, creating a barrier to driving wind and rain.

Allows light to enter the room, enabling you to see out.

Minimal installation effort required and easy exit in case of emergency.

Reduces hurricane wind velocity by 97%.

Optional permanently attached storage system “Flap Design”.

Straps can be securely tightened for increased tautness.

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