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Hurricane Shutters, Panels, and Screens.

Storm Smart means customer service. Storm Smart has been manufacturing, installing and servicing innovative hurricane protection products for more than 20 years. It’s the largest company of its kind in Florida. Outstanding products, warranties and focus on customer satisfaction have led to more than 60,000 customers and accolades from industry and government alike.

Storm Catcher is the leading fabric based hurricane protection product on the market. Through state-of-the-art technology and ongoing research and development, the full line of Storm Catcher hurricane screens is now recognized as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced products in the world of hurricane protection. In addition to our premier Storm Catcher line, we install solar screens as well as screening that will aid with pest remediation.

Storm Smart specializes in hurricane panels, hurricane shutters, accordion shutters, roll down hurricane shutters. Giving you,your family, and your home hurricane window protection.

Peace of Mind

Storm Smart truly offers “Intelligent Protection. Our Roll-Down screens protect you, your family and your home even when you are not there." This highly innovative and advanced design is like having a bulletproof vest on your house.

Hurricane screens

Hurricane screens

Hurricane screens

Benefits of Storm Catcher

The Storm Catcher Rolling Screen can cover large openings while the cutting-edge mesh structure filters in light, allowing you to see out hurricane screens.

  • Withstands hurricane force winds.
  • Withstands impact from flying debris.
  • Operates from inside or outside the home.
  • Deploys manually or with optional remote control.
  • Provides privacy and reduces sun glare.
  • Increases the resale value of your home.
  • Meets stringent Florida Building Codes.
  • Keeps the lanai clean of rain, dust and debris.

Gov. Rick Scott visit January/2017

Florida Gov. Rick Scott visited Storm Smart in Fort Myers on Friday. Brian Rist, the company's president and CEO, is at far left. Scott discussed his plan to cut taxes and help businesses create more jobs. Storm Smart earlier this month announced it has partnered with its first licensed distributor — Storm Smart of Southeast Florida Inc. in West Palm Beach.

The licensee sells, installs and services all storm-protection products manufactured by Storm Smart from its 60,000-square-foot manufacturing plant at its headquarters in Fort Myers, where it employs more than 150 people. Storm Smart is the largest manufacturer and installer of code-approved hurricane protection products in Florida.

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    Our Products

    We carry a complete line of certified storm protection equipment that meets or exceeds all Florida requirements. Below is a list of the most commonly used products. Click on any of them and you will get a short description and the benefits and the best applications for that product.

    If you have an unusual situation we custom design all kinds of storm protection and wind abatement systems.

    Hurricane Screens

    by Storm Smart.
    Roll Down Hurricane Screen

    Roll Down Screen

    Enjoy incredibly effective hurricane screen protection and the convenience of an electronically controlled or manually operated rolling hurricane screen system.
    Hurricane Screen

    Easy Screen

    An innovate, fabric-based hurricane screen protection product.
    Slide Hurricane Screen

    Slide Screen

    This hurricane screen system incorporates the end retention technology, using a lower profile track, with a simple deployment method that is an outstanding application for windows.
    Strap & Buckle Hurricane Screen

    Strap & Buckle Screen

    This hurricane screen system incorporates a flexible attachment design using straps and buckles to fasten the hurricane screen to the structure.
    Grommet Hurricane Screen

    Grommet Screen

    This hurricane screen fabric is available with grommets on two, three or four sides. The hurricane screen can be mounted directly to the structure using a variety of mounting hardware.
    Printed Hurricane Screen

    Printed Screen

    Combining full color graphics with our already effective hurricane screen protection gives you the convenience of an electronically controlled or manually operated rolling hurricane screen system.

    Aluminum Shutters

    by Storm Smart.
    Accordion Shutters

    Accordion Shutters

    Our hurricane accordion shutters heavy-duty construction provides superior strength and exceeds all of Florida’s impact- and wind-test requirements.
    Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

    Aluminum Roll Down Shutters

    Providing maximum protection against storms and flying debris, this type of roll down metal shutter is permanently installed in a box above the opening and lowered into place by hand crank or electric motor.
    Bahama Hurricane Shutters

    Bahama Shutters

    This hurricane shutter system incorporates the end retention technology, using a lower profile track, with a simple deployment method that is an outstanding application for windows.
    Colonial Hurricane Screen

    Colonial Shutters

    These hurricane shutters can provide aesthetic quality for the enhancement of almost any home. Colonials are permanently mounted shutters that are hinged on the side and fold back into a closed position.

    Storm Panels

    by Storm Smart.
    Accordion Shutters

    Metal Storm Panels

    When severe weather threatens, simply insert the hurricane panels in pre-positioned tracks above and below your windows and doors, and fasten.
    Clear Hurricane Panels

    Clear Storm Panels

    There is no need to board up your home or office, leaving you in the dark for days. This powerful see-through hurricane panel technology is especially useful for businesses during severe weather because customers can see when you’re open.

    Our Showroom

    Our showroom is staged as a comfortable lanai in which you can see a selection of fabric and aluminum storm protection products that are designed for different applications. Seat yourself in the comfortable outdoor furniture and see exactly how the product looks, how it performs, and the array of color options available to compliment your home and décor. The installation options are numerous and can be tailored to your lifestyle. With a rolldown motor installation, you can fully secure your windows as well as your home with literally a touch of a button!

    Located in West Palm Beach, Storm Smart Southeast is the exclusive distributor for Storm Smart in Southeast Florida and will continue the tradition of being a great company with great product and a relentless focus on customer service.


    What our customers say?

    I like the protection it provides, You just hit the button and it’s down. You can’t go wrong. It’s the best product in the world.

    Gilbert Kaminski Florida Home Owner

    I brag about the company on how efficient they are...We're ready to go for a hurricane.

    Demery Florida Home Owner

    Excellent job, good product, they're friendly and they back up what they sell.

    Gingras Florida Home Owner

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